Hi there! Welcome to Newport Pediatric Dentistry! My name is Dr. Sue Choi but our patients know me as Dr Sue. I believe that a lifetime of oral health begins with a positive and memorable experience with their dentist. I am a Diplomate (Board Certified) of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and have been in practice since 2006, graduating from one of the leading dental schools in the nation, at UCSF. I completed my pediatric dentistry residency in 2009 from OHSU in Portland, OR.  I am trained in the use of nitrous oxide, laughing gas, conscious sedation, and treatment under general anesthesia in order to safety and effectively treat young patients.

Why Dentistry?

I chose the field of dentistry during my undergrad years while volunteering at the Berkeley Free Clinic. It was there that I discovered just how much I enjoyed working alongside other like-minded professionals whose common goal was to serve those in need. Observing firsthand the rapport and strong relationships a dentist forms with patients and staff made a lasting impression on me. I knew then that was what I wanted and could see myself doing.

Why Pediatric Dentistry?

I chose pediatric dentistry after my own personal experience as a child, when a single dental visit negatively affected my perception of going to the dentist for life. Throughout my childhood, I really had no reason to fear or be apprehensive of visiting the dentist until I needed fillings at Age 9. It started out fine as my dentist had painlessly numbed and filled a few cavities for me. But the next day when I returned for treatment on a different tooth, he dismissed and ignored me when I expressed that I could still feel a sharp pain in that area. Afraid and in pain, I endured the rest of the appointment. I left the office feeling upset and betrayed by my dentist. It is a vivid memory for me even now, every time I go to the dentist. Because of my own love of children and in recognizing their need to be understood and heard, I decided to specialize in pediatric dentistry to prevent this kind of experience from happening to someone else. It our goal here at Newport Pediatric Dentistry to provide every child with a positive and memorable outlook on oral health right from the start.

My enthusiasm for dentistry and innate compassion for others is what drives me to pursue continuing education and constant enrichment in my field. I am very glad to be doing what I am doing and I would make the same decision to be a kids’ dentist all over again.

About Me

My husband Richard and I attended UCSF together, which is where we first met. Richard completed his residency and fellowship at UW School of Medicine, and Washington has been our home ever since. We currently reside in Somerset with our 3 beautiful children, and are active members of our neighborhood and church community.